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To Sleepydog...

Post by tewi » Wed, 01 Oct 2008 11:51 am

SLEEPYDOG, thank you for your answer, I am really gratefull. So, just to make sure I understand you completely.....
- I can work as an assistant nurse, and in this case I dont't need to contact SNB, don't need to be registrated and does't have to pass any exam.. If and when I want to work as an RN I shall then contact them, pass the exam and will then get my registration?

But do you think my chances getting a job, just as an assistant nurse, are few because I don't have any working experince? I have worked 4 years at a Nursing Home, but that was before I got my degree..

Have tried to contact SNB to ask them all my stupid question and not bother you with them, but SNB doesn't answer the phone. My next move will be that I'll send them an email.. And hope for the best... :wink:

Again, thank you for helping me out here.

Have a nice day :D

tewi (hope I soon will be able to write PM)

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Post by sleepydog » Wed, 01 Oct 2008 1:41 pm

Well, I think the chances you get a job in SG is HIGH! :) Take your time! :roll: You need to find a job offer first then the employer will help you do the registeration with SNB. I don't think SNB accept applications for the foreign nurses without sponsor. RN/AN have to be registered with SNB before commencement of work. Since you have qualification and experience, try your best to sell yourself, check information in this website!, I am sure you will get a good offer :D Good luck! :) :lol:

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