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Nurse in Singapore

Postby tewi » Sun, 28 Sep 2008 10:08 pm

Please, can anybody help me???

I am considering moving to Singapore, but need to be sure if I can get a job there.
In June, this year, I got my Bachelor Degree in Nursing, and therefore I would like to work as a nurse at a hospital. I visited Singapore last week and talked to some people at Mount Elisabeth and Raffles Hospital, they told me that they would only hire nurses who have 3 years of experince. Is that really true?

I would be so happy if anybody have some advice or maybe have been "where I am".. PLEASE...

Thank's :D


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Postby sleepydog » Mon, 29 Sep 2008 11:50 am

that's true? probably not. as a foreigner, If you want to work in a hospital as a registered nurse( RN), you must have at least 3 yrs experiences except your education qualification. Otherwise, you have to start to work as a assistant nurse( AN) or health care attendant(HCA), I don't think those caucasions can accept this job level, but they are so many foreign nurses who are degree holder in their own country but still doing this junior level in SG. After pass the SNB exam, they can be promoted as a RN. Maybe your case is an exception if you have no working experience at all but only nursing degree holder. Wish you good luck!

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