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Postby squash » Wed, 24 Sep 2008 12:10 am

Hi All

Please could someone help me as I am looking for a place to go an have a wax that is not to expensive. Will be living in the Bukit Thima aread.

Thanks for any help
Squash for KZN South Africa

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Postby felicitywish » Thu, 25 Sep 2008 6:01 pm

Hi Squash

Ive only been here a couple of months myself and as i mentioned my landlord owns a salon, she is lovely and very clean, her prices are really really good too. Her assistant even asks you to check incase she has missed anywere, which so far in my experiance has not happend in any of the other places i have been in singapore prior to going to her. Her name is Christne and address is fourtune salon de beauty studio fourtune centre 190 middle road, 188979 up the escalator 1st floor turn right. You will have your own waxing tube which she will put your name of for next time you visit. I have been a couple of times now for waxing legs and arm pits and have started lazer treatment on my arm pits she is great and very friendly, her staff are great but english is limited however Christine's english is very good, Im not sure i can post her number and i have'nt posted enought to IM yet to send it. Im sure if you turn up she will see you just tell her Emma recommend you to visit and she will I'm sure she will fit you in, afternoons are best as she is busy. Any help i can be just ask as i say she is the best i have visited and i dont think i will change now. She has also given me loads of advise on things that work and dont work with regards to some treatments. she has been in the fourtune centre now since the 80's and from what i can see from the amount of local custom very good at what she does. Hope this helps you, her salon is not flash but the service is great and again clean. Good Luck.

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