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Protruded Maxilla

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Protruded Maxilla

Postby isaac89 » Sun, 14 Sep 2008 6:31 pm

Hi I'm new to this forum. I have a very protrusive jaw and I just wanted to know if anyone is aware of some procedure that I may use to alleviate this feature. Personally I find it to be very unaesthetic - it gives me a convex profile, my cheekbones look flat, and my chin recessed. I've been reading on the net about orthognathic surgery, however I have not come across a case where this treatment is used in my particular situation (For the most part it is used to treat either an upper or lower bite). Just so you know, my teeth line up perfectly, and by measurement my maxilla (upper jaw) protrudes by about an inch. If possible can you please post before and after pictures, and info on where I can seek treatment, and what results I should expect.
Many Thanks!!!

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