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Unsure about relocating on my own

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Post by mules » Mon, 15 Sep 2008 1:08 pm

jobs come and don't (or shouldn't).

i'm not expert, having only done it for 12 months after just getting married, but we didn't have any kids. now we have kids, I couldn't think of a worse case scenario.

no amount of money, even if it sets you up for a while or really helps with the education fees is worth it. bring the family, i think you'd be amazed how much they'd get out of it, with some of the best schools in the world and exposed to so many different cultures. jobs are jobs are jobs, you don't want your kids to define their childhood by the fact you were away for a significant part of it.

plus, quite rightly so, I would be annoyed if i was your wife - left with the day to day running of a family whislt you were in sunny singapore in a nice condo with a maid to take care of your living needs!

bring the family out on a test trip and then ask them all to make a decision.

good luck!

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Post by wilsojer » Mon, 15 Sep 2008 5:16 pm

Thank you all for your thoughts and comments. It has certainly made me think a lot over the last couple of days !

We have done a lot of talking and the current thinking is that it is probably not going to be right for us. I'm having difficulty in getting them to agree to come out (too many things here that they would miss), so we might all be staying in the UK after all. I'll post back here if that changes !

Thanks again to everybody - there really is a great community on this forum. I have certainly really appreciated the help and advice.

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Post by MrBear » Tue, 30 Sep 2008 2:36 pm

wilsojer -

I read your post yesterday and thought about you on the way to work this morning thinking what to write to you. :???:

Now I get to work and see every body has covered the fact i was going to ask/say. I'm glad and happy you have chosen your family :lol:.

I wish you good luck and if you make it to SG drop on here and say hi,
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Re: Unsure about relocating on my own

Post by apservice » Tue, 30 Sep 2008 8:24 pm

Singapore is a nice place to stay, and it is clean. It is important to have a 2 weeks holiday and feel about the place before you make a decision. Afterall, relocation is a big decision to make and it would be costly if it is a mistake.

wilsojer wrote:It looks like I am just about to be offered a job in Singapore, but because of various reasons, my wife and two children (7 & 5) are going to stay in England. We have said that we will see each other as often as is feasible, but I am a little nervous about spending so much time away from them. It will be at least 3-4 months bewtween times that we can get together.

What is making things worse is that all I am reading about on these forums is familes that have come out here together. I am a bit worried that as a singleton (albeit in appearance only), I might not enjoy myself in Singapore and will be constantly waiting for the next visit or my trip back home.

I haven't had the offer yet, so don't know whether they will match my financial expectations, but it does need to be a good offer as we will, in effect, be paying for two separate lifestyles.

Sorry for the ramble, but I have not thought about much else lately. If they were coming with me it would be a completely different story - I would be really excited (and half of me actually is really excited).

I suppose I am asking if the social life is good and if I will be accepted as a 41 year old 'singleton' ? I do have one friend out in Singapore, who is predictably out there with his family, so I should meet some people through him.

By the way - great forum !

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