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need maid advice

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need maid advice

Post by scoobydoo » Fri, 05 Sep 2008 3:07 pm

my maid just joined me a few days ago. all has been hunky dory but since the past 2 days i have noticed that she forgets to keep my water on the bed side and says she cleaned a particular toilet but its obvious to me that she hasnt and then today she isnt feeling well n neither am i but sh forgot to make my 10 month olds food!
she had cleaned up everywhere before i woke up. so i figured if she was well enuf to clean up how cud she forget the babys food???
secondly she washes her hair twice a day n i have to constantly remind her to tie it back so that my baby doesnt yank at it or that it doesnt fall in ou food!!! n also since the first time i interviewd her she has this cough. its like a smokers cough but she claims its coz she catches a chill each time she gets out of the shower n into the ac. i mean its obvious that washing her hair twice a day isnt working well for her or for me! how do i tell her that ehr habits are bothering me. i dont want a coughing sniffing person around all the time!!
what can i say or do considering her hygiene is her personal issue!!!???

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Post by Topshelf » Fri, 05 Sep 2008 5:19 pm

I think you either need to be really frank with her about what your expectations are, or you can send her back to the agency and get some one else. The only thing that seems serious is the cough--you should call her agency and see when she last had a medical check-up. A persistent cough could be indicative of TB.

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