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Ethical values in real estate business

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Ethical values in real estate business

Post by Gavingaves » Tue, 02 Sep 2008 6:10 pm

Everyone talks about hammering sellers to get the best price – about getting every dime you can out of a transaction. Last week a friend of mine was bragging about how he got this old lady to sell her house to him at 50% of it’s value! He’s going to make a big chunk of money on it too. Here’s my question, HOW DOES HE SLEEP AT NIGHT??? Maybe I’m just “too nice”

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Post by workingtoohard » Wed, 03 Sep 2008 5:11 am

Well, I guess this is more of a tolerance level issue as I would think with that argument, even making 1% profit off a person without telling them is not exactly ethical.

This case do sound hurtful to the heart because it involves a less informed elderly. You can look at it a few ways. If he was totally honest, and just chose not to mention particular numbers in order to keep his edge in his business, she did accept the offer he put forward and she is content with it. But if he LIED to get her to give the property at that price, then that is an unethical act.

No matter how much profit a person makes, you cant really gauge the worth of his work.. as there are many job options out there and someone would always think his work is worth more and should be paid more...

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Post by Winxkid » Sat, 13 Sep 2008 3:13 am

Who talks about ethical value when everyone is fighting for survival in this "dog-eat-dog world"(direct translation from Mandarin).

In my opinion, let the public see the ethical "You", and do it in a not-so-ethical method whereby the public don't get to see it.

I expect some fuming, but netherless, I'm stating "facts" :D

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