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Postby Forks » Wed, 03 Sep 2008 11:17 am

Wind In My Hair wrote:
ozchick wrote:
Wind In My Hair wrote:
ozchick wrote:Don't worry sweet thang ! I'll never do it again- I promise. I've actually taken quite a 'shine' to you ! Get it ?! Shiny forks and stuff?! :oops:

Next thing we know you'll pair up and start spooning. Yikes.

:D :D :D You're a funny little bunny Wimoweh !

Oh no. No. All the flattery in the world will not convince me to join you in a threesome. That would not be very knife, I mean nice.

wait a minute, what exactly am I being signed up for here? No one mentioned a threesome or even a pairsome.
Poking, poking everywhere...

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Postby dkk08 » Sun, 28 Sep 2008 12:04 am

cbat wrote:Being a former herpetologist (got sick of the slithery bastards) I can tell you that snakes can climb the wall of a house particularly if it's a rough surface (brick, dirt etc). The smoother the surface the less likely it is the snake will climb it (some can support themselves and pull up and over as if doing a chin-up if their heads reach a ledge). Overall I wouldn't be to worried

Hi cbat, pardon me for being out of topic here but I need some advise from you regarding your previous "Job" as a herpetologist. I can't PM Ya so maybe you can email me at, Cheers!

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