Can the EP and DP be applied for overseas- and Apts?

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Can the EP and DP be applied for overseas- and Apts?

Post by sammydhawk » Tue, 26 Aug 2008 9:14 am

Hi Everyone-

Just wondering- parnter (married) and I are moving to Singapore as partner's company is a singapore registered company- so the EP won't be a problem whatsoever.

My question: Are the Dependent Passes automatic if EP is granted? Have there ever been any denied? It seems pretty straight forward but would they ever say no to the spouse? And if so, why? It doesn't seem like they give explanations.

Also- can both of these be applied for before coming to Singapore? I imagine the local Singapore consulate can help with that?

Lastly- it seems that rents have fallen a little over the last year? Is this true? We saw some (4) 2 bedroom apts last April (2007) and everything was priced from about 3k- 6K - and the only one that seems decent was the 6K apt. The rest were really shoddy and worn down. Is this still the case?

Granted- the only one of the apts. that we liked- was at The berth at Sentosa Cove- and 6K is a bit high for a fairly small apt.-plus it seemed out of the way. But out of the 4 apts that we saw, this was the only really nice one. What are some other areas that have good quality/decent apts. near transportation that are below 4.5K per month?

Any advise is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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Post by Hithnar » Fri, 12 Sep 2008 3:54 pm

Firstly, the DP is not issued automatically with the EP. You have to ask the company of your husband to do that, and they can do it while applying for your husbands EP.

I don't think a DP can be denied, as I'm guessing it's nature is more of an acknowledgement for the government, that you entered the job market and they just have to bear with you ;). I believe so, since for DP you don't have to produce any documents (like diplomas or medical exams) aside from the marriage certificate.

The application for EP/DP can be done from overseas, however the collection has to be done in person. The DP holder does not have to be physically present at MOM at time of collecting the DP, but at that time you have to be in SG, since your passport and the embarkation card is required. You will also have to sign some papers, so you will probably need to be in SG anyway. So applying - can be done remotely, collection in person. Collection the EP/DP is a matter of one day of hustle.

I don't know about the apartments much, but I believe the prices are still gong up, not down.

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