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Max Mohan- Tailors...

Postby notwavingdrowning » Thu, 21 Aug 2008 7:15 am

I found this tailor thru Singapore Expats and wanted to let others in on this great place...

I took my MIL (Mother in Law) who is very fussy and visiting from NL, along to Max Mohans at Far East Plaza on the tip of previous postings on this forum and decided after seeing the service they gave her in making her pieces decided to have my whole work wardrobe revamped!

I start work soon in a Black and White house so thought some black and white striping would look cute in some shirting...

I took a really modern shirt along- you know the current fashion of the puffy sleeve- the seamstress there made me 4 shirts - some in black and some in stripe, I swear they are better than the original...They hug my body in all the right places!

I also had a favourite little black dress copied that I had grown out of..Singapore food can be fattening..Or maybe its just all the Ben & Jerrys I eat to cool down... and I was stunned that they could copy and enlarge it as it was a tricky design...

Then my Fiance decided that as he is 6'5 tall and finds it impossible to find sleeves and pants that fit - to join us and had 2 pants and 3 shirts made (all copied identically from favourites) and is thrilled as well!

(I have the same problem as I am 6' tall and busty- not typical asian size..or westerner for that matter)

Last year we had a dozen shirts and 4 suits made in Thailand that sit new and unworn- the cut is just not right, sleeves twist and pants cling- Which put me off tailoring for good- so thanks again Forum for this info on Mohans!

While he may be a little pricier- as mentioned in another posting...the attention to detail and the repeat fittings- and we were FUSSY - were well worth it... They showed endless patience...We both look slimmer as if we are wearing designer clothes...

No more looking like a tacky tourist for me- especially as I am celebrating my 3 month anniversary this month in Singers!

I know this sounds a bit like an ad- but if you share my frustration of bad tailors and walking around in ill fitting off the rack clothing- you will appreciate this posting...

You will have to excuse me raving on- but I have never had such great fitting clothes before and I look a size smaller!

=D> =D> back from the Ashram and looking for a new career.

Caveat Emptor
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Another viewpoint on Mohans

Postby Caveat Emptor » Fri, 10 Oct 2008 3:20 am

We must be talking about two separate Max Mohans! I visited his establishment in early Sept of 2008. I was only in town one day, and got measured in the morning and had two suits, pants, and monogrammed shirts delivered to my hotel at night--I had to fly our the next morning. I thought it was a great deal, though certainly not cheap. My own fault, however, I neglected to try on the shirts (he subbed it out to a different tailor from the suits). When I arrived back in Canada, the arms were 3" too short. French cuffs, hidden all the time. I have emailed him three times (3) in the past three weeks. He does not answer me. So, I must respectfully differ from the previous posters. I think the quality will be the same anywhere. But learn from my mistake. Pay him half in advance and half once you try it on.

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