Motivation vs Couch Potato

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Motivation vs Couch Potato

Post by kickinthebutt » Mon, 20 Sep 2004 6:52 pm

listen, all ya pips (people) out there.. here's my predicament.. i cant drag myself to the gym... how on earth do those of you who do it, do it?
How to get into the habit.. short of wearing a nun's and therefore having an even better excuse not to go to the gym!! seriously now,, apparently a svelte figure will earn me points in dating land, and all that. ok, but i dont want that reason to be the motivation cos then we'll get into a whole new discussion about men. Bottom (no pun intended) line... i dont want to be so bloody breathless on the treadmill... so do it everyday? everybloody day to break the habit and increase my stamina? I so want to kick and fight.. i was told to be positive but i enjoy the fight! i want to kick and scream but really really really i want to be able to do at least 10 mins of a short jog without getting breathless!!!!aaarrrrgghhhh :x :x

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Don't be so bloodly lah

Post by jaslynk » Mon, 20 Sep 2004 7:36 pm down man, brother! :D Take it easy, don't stress yourself. :lol: You sounds so bloodly. :shock: Just do it slowly, and mark your everyday's schdule. Maybe ask your friends out for jogging or gym. Or just go alone if they're not interested. Believe me, sooner or later your friends will be attract by your strong fitness attitude and they'll pester you for jogging n gyms everyday. Just like me, I always sms my friends on fitness centre n other events. I called myself fitness crazy. You know what? They really ask for more.

I am always busy providing fitness infos for many friends from outside, fitness centres, in the forum and workplace.

I hope you'll like suntanning too, it makes you looks more fitter.
Or maybe you can start from sits up, push ups or cycling. Perhaps the best solutions is to 8) in all the fitness events? :wink:

Fitness Crazy 8)

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Post by starfantasy84 » Tue, 21 Sep 2004 9:28 am

My motivation comes more from the clothes i yearn to wear yet i cannot fit in. I don't mean to wear those nice clothes for guys to see but just be able to wear the clothes i like makes me very happy. Maybe you don't need to go for jogging cos it can get boring in a while. Joing classes, like aerobics or yoga or any exercise classes. You will meet lots of people and you will soon come to enjoy them. :D

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Post by jupiter » Tue, 21 Sep 2004 4:00 pm

Let's face it, pumping iron isn't for everyone, nor is working out in public, and the gym often resembles a singles bar scene which can be rather non-conducive. Maybe sweating it out in the gym just isn't your bag. Maybe you're the type of person who would like a more low key approach to fitness. You could learn some yoga or pilates, and then excercise in the privacy of your own home, at a park, etc... Joining a course is a good idea. Find something that appeals to you. Having a group is a good way to be motivated and have fun. Talking with a professional trainer to get an assessment and some new ideas would be a good way to go. Some other things you might try: swimming, tennis, Aikido or other martial art, Tai Chi, or pick-up basketball. Main thing tho is keep a positive attitude and keep telling yourself you CAN get out and then just actually get yourself OUTSIDE. Even just going for long walks is great. Take a long term outlook, and note all the little things you can do to obtain your goals. Fitness is a lifelong habit, and it's all the little things we do that make the difference. Go for it.

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