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Tips finding apt in SG I wish I had known

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Post by boffenl » Mon, 08 Sep 2008 4:10 pm

I'd have to agree totally with the last bit of the first post. Coming from the US/Canada some things here are very, very expensive--apartments, cars, clothes, some food, energy, even transport if you really think about it.

If you're negotiating from the US, be very clear about what the housing allowance will be. We totally underestimated on housing and as I'm on a local package more of our income goes toward that than we expected. It's a huge pain and we've begun thinking maybe it's not as much fun as we thought. Our standard of living is hugely different here than in the US, and I'm not making peanuts either.

Just be careful when you're sitting down to write out the pro and con of taking a position. How much does it mean to take a "real" vacation versus just taking the bus to KL? Does your kid like certain foods only "expat" stores sell? How often will you have to run away from the Hawker place to eat (we eat our almost everyday--80% at the hawkers in our building) out? And if you ike new clothes, prepare to spend at least 50-100% more. My two cents.

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Re: Tips finding apt in SG I wish I had known

Post by Saint » Wed, 10 Sep 2008 10:59 am

pixel8 wrote:Is this true or dependent on agent? The usual practice should be landlord to pay their commission. Also heard feedback that if rental > 3k, landlord bears.
gcharusa wrote: 2.3 Most agents in SG today will charge you (tenant) anyway. It's a twisted system but landlord's agent will be paid by the landlord and you will pay for your agent. It's a significant amount since they often ask for 1 month of rent (that's to 10% increase in rental rate for 1-year lease).

So make then work their a** off for you.
We arrived last Friday morning, spent 3 days apartment hunting and had an offer accepted Sunday.

Unless you have exclusively engaged an agent to find you a place you don't have to pay any commission (unless <$2.5k) to any agent.

We made this very clear to the various agents before even agreeing to view any apartments. I would get it confirmed in an email that they were either the LL's agent or co-broking.

Any tip, get yourself a prepaid SIM card to be used only to deal with agents etc.

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