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Change of employment

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Change of employment

Post by pparthiv » Thu, 31 Jul 2008 12:15 pm

I am currently on working in Singapore on EP for past 10 months and I have recently got an offer from another company. Now for change in the employement, my new employer would have to apply for EP again. Last time the employer had applied it was online and the outcome of the application came within 10 days. This time the employer has done a manual application as they dont have an onine account with MOM.

My question is, even though the MOM site says that it takes around 5 weeks to process the manual application, my assumption here was for a new application. Does it take the same time for change of employer too ? Does anyone know what is the exact time it takes for the IPA to come in a manual application ?

It's been a week since the application is made and everytime this makes me nervous. Please advise.

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