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WOW...What a welcome :-)

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WOW...What a welcome :-)

Post by colettekent » Fri, 25 Jul 2008 6:51 pm

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all your comments, although i hope i didn't cause too much furore on my first post...EVER! Yes, this is my first time in a forum of any kind, but thought it the best way to get an across the board opinion from people who have alreday relocated. Sorry i posted the same question twice...still getting used to it :???:
Anyway, my partner will be working at Morgan Stanley which is in Capital Square. However, we don't need to be directly in the city - i'm sure even a 20 min commute will be a joy after the hour long journey he does at the moment from Fulham to Canary Wharf, as long as he's close to the underground there!
Our budget is around $5,000/$7,000 US per month. I would love to have a house rather than an apartment, but i'm guessing that they are way out of our budget??? Or maybe the high rise are better and more social??
We also have large antique furniture and rugs and so would need large rooms. Also a 7 foot bed to find a room big enough for!!!
Is it as expensive as people say to have a car?
Thanking you in advance for all your help.
Colette 8-)

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Post by familyof5 » Fri, 25 Jul 2008 7:45 pm

there is a realestate secion on this website that you can have a look at. click on the yellow "search property" button in the top left hand of the screen.

we bought this book, which was very helpful... ... 9768182806

i'm in a high rise. its ok, not that social. but i think its just luck really. there are plenty of groups you can join when you arrive. I keep meaning to join ANZA (australian and new zealand assoc) , and i think there is a british one too.

you probably will end up in a condo. but at least condo's have playgrounds and swimming pools, which are good for children. I suspect only the bigger houses have pools. And they're pretty expensive.

As for the large rooms, that may be a limiting factor, i think. but not impossible i guess.

My husbands work leases our car for us. Yes, it is stupidly expensive!

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Post by squash » Fri, 25 Jul 2008 10:10 pm

Hi Everyone, its been so nice to read all you posts and I have also never belonged 2 or joined a site before. We will be arriving from South Africa at the end of August 2008, and must admit I am extremely anxious as 2 how I will adapt to the heat and new life style. My husband has worked for a number of contracts but this is our 1st Family Contract. I know the kids (not young 1's) will look to see my attitude and follow. I am a positive person but must admit I feel overwhelmed by the move. I do realize that life is what you make it and any other advice on Li vining In Singapore would be so helpful and appreciated.
Squash for KZN South Africa

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Post by Gilly » Fri, 25 Jul 2008 10:46 pm

Hi there,

For 5-7k you could get an older larger semi or townhouse, or a smaller (120sqm) new condo, with full facilities.

That's what we did.

You would get something at the upper end of your budget around River Valley, Orchard etc, especially as LL's are being a bit more reasonable on price.

Cars - yes expensive. If you live centrally you wont need one. We have one but we're expecting a ababy and think we'll need it. We also live in the East Coast. I work next to Capital Square and it takes me 10 mins to drive, so if you took a taxi it would be even less (minus time to park).

East Coast is an area you should consider as its not that far from the center of town. Near to the beach and ECP so 15 mins to airport.

all the best on your move,a dn feel free to ask anything. We moved here very recently and have been through it all. Including furnishing our flat from top to bottom.

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