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Detox be very careful

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Detox be very careful

Post by ksl » Thu, 24 Jul 2008 12:18 am

When doing a detox, one needs to use common sense, salt intake is vital for the body survival, of which many are not aware. Drinking too much water floods the body, so the combination of nutrients and minerals in one's food is essential.

In Asia many westerners will sweat more than Asians and will probably need more water, to replenish... I can remember my army days out in Asia and the significance of a salt tablet and palladrin.

It is essential to keep an eye on the intake of essential minerals and nutrients, of which most come through a balanced diet, however if people like myself, who avoid salt, because i know i get more than enough in my food. You still have to be careful on the hydration, or flooding the here and see what could happen, very easy.

Even on a detox body fluids need to be maintained correctly, and a detox no more than once a year should be enough.

If one is throwing up, stop right away with a detox, this to me is not normal and you well very quickly be dehydrated, the same if the stool is too watery. I'm no expert but i know enough to give a warning

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