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Re: Where...

Postby Teema » Thu, 11 Sep 2008 10:05 am

notwavingdrowning greatful you have none of the problems a lot of us (particularly the women and Mums have) judging by the flood of private messages I have received over the last 2 months since these 2 threads started...You are very lucky.. :wave:

I never said that I have "none of the problems" :)
The vast majority of my adult life has been spent living abroad. I understand and sympathize with you guys actually, but I disagree with the method of scoping with living away from home by criticizing the local.

I've been in Singapore for a year, and the "no friend in Singapore" syndrome is healthy and well for me as well. It's just difficult to befriend Singaporeans... Perhaps that explains the low fertility rate a bit!

I blame kiasuism for the difficulty in making local friend...

Anyhow, my wife and I managed to join a local badminton group and we have been playing there regularly for some months now. While we haven't managed to make a real friend there yet, it does give us some interaction with the local.

If some of you guys are interested in taking up badminton, let me know since the group has room for a few more people. We play on Sunday at Tampines.

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