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Help needed for a short film

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Help needed for a short film

Post by sleepcake » Fri, 18 Jul 2008 12:37 pm

On that note of TV hosting, I'm also looking for people to play regular people on a short film of mine. I need people from all walks of life from teens to old people. I need about 4 really for a 1-day shoot.

an old Chinese woman (60s)
Indian construction worker (30s or 40s)
A Caucasian woman (a prim and proper one)
A Myanmar or Vietnamese worker

I also need some locations for a couple of hours (if anyone's generously willing to help)

A garden with a colonial looking house in the backdrop (shoot time about 1.5 hours max)

A nice looking flat/condo with a nice kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath (shoot duration 4 hours at max)

A small office environment (shoot duration 2 hours max)

It's purely self-funded so meals will be provided and you'll get a nice short film for your portfolio. Yeah, we filmakers are a poor lot but our passions run deep and this film is just waiting to come out. The creative juices cannot be repressed. Haha! So heeellp! :D

There's no dialogue involved in any of the scenes. It's a purely experimental visual exploration of a Singaporean issue. Certain parts of it will be shot in 8mm but most of it will be done in video format.

Please PM me if you're interested and we'll take it from there. Thank you!!!

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