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Where is a good start of career in IT?

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Where is a good start of career in IT?

Post by Azuki » Tue, 01 Jul 2008 10:48 am

I am about to complete my dip in IT in a private sch. I am currently holding an admin job fetching $2,500. I am hoping to shift into the IT industry. Where do you think is a good start for a girl in late twenties? Most jobs need experiences. I won't mind a little pay cut if there's prospectus in the company for further advancement. Someone told me IT security is suitable for girls. What are the typical job title in IT security? Without experience how do I start? I need to start somewhere, but where? If you are asking me my inerest, I have no specific interest in any specific area in IT. I am also considering some degree course or certification to enhance my resume, but can't be sure of my next step. Every industry there are people who speak postive and people who speak negative of it. But I really wish to put what I learn into use and move on from there. What I need to know is where is a good place to start off?

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Post by Strong Eagle » Tue, 01 Jul 2008 11:12 am

Just a few thoughts. People who are certified in various specialties are in demand, and if you have the certification, companies are more willing to to hire trainees. A couple of things to consider:

MSCE - This certification says you understand Microsoft Windows Server and related topics. In quite strong demand. If you know something about server virtualization, even better.

Active Directory/LDAP - AD is the primary Microsoft security tool for system access

You could also consider getting certifications in Novell and/or Lotus - the advantage is that people who know what they are doing are in short supply. The disadvantage is that neither technology is growing; hence the shortage of experts.

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