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any tech divers?

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any tech divers?

Post by taxico » Wed, 25 Jun 2008 6:35 pm

i was wondering if there're any technical divers keen on taking a trip in the 4th weekend of august. i've snagged a bunch of toys for the 2 weeks that i'm in singapore!

i'm trying out a rebreather, a full-face-modular digital mask and 2 diving computers (one's a mil-spec cochr@ne) but still can't find a qualified friend that is free that weekend to dive a similar profile with me.

i'm heading out to malaysian seas to do so but will have at least 2 pool sessions in singapore to calculate/prepare the mixes and try everything out before that.

you must own your complete personal set of equipment. you must be familiar with trimix/heliox, rebreather-trained (preferably on the prism)/etc if you want to use the CCR (at your own risk) and c-cards must be brought along as proof.

i've already been trained on that new unit about 6 months back during its final development phase, so it's really "use-at-your-own-risk!" (it will only be released on the market in the coming months)

although all new i don't own them; i want to do the trip just to try those 4 toys out. one of the two computers is still a prototype at this stage.

what else is there for you? i can bring along a newly released tech-reg (prior notice required for 100% o2 use - but we're not going too deep), i can rotate the 2 dive coms with you, and probably provide a redundant tech computer.

it's just good ole' scuba fun! lemme know so i can start planning my dives!

n/b: forgot to add, it's also for leisure not just gear tryouts - i'll be doing u/w photog and may dive with some of the locals. i have a bunch of IANTD c-cards and am a qualified naui instructor but may not remain current by end august.

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