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Post by kongo424 » Thu, 19 Jun 2008 9:05 pm

Hi guys, I seriously need all the help & advices I can get for landing my next job, would really really appreciate if anyone out there can give me pointers / advices, thank you so much!! :)

I have 3 job offers,
1) Trainee Dealer in a securities broking firm(salary not known..most likely comms based), 2) Manufacturing Supervisor in a US MNC plant ($2.6k to $2.8k),
3)A Field Application Engineer in local electronic / semi-con manufacturing plant ($2.4k - $2.6k)

Here's the story (pls bear with me); I am 29yr old and is holding a diploma in engineering, but I have always been very keen in the securities market.
So for the past 8 months, I've been sending my application over and over again(probably twice a month) to all the banking / securities / financial instituitions (that I can possibly find..) but to no avail....just when I was to give up being so persistent and stick to the engineering line, this guy from a securities firm called me and offered me a job as a trainee dealer.
However, he has stressed that I would need to source & build my own network of clients, though there would be big projects to handle from corporate clients at times. Well, to be honest, I've not been working for 6 months(quit my job 6 months earlier in order to pursue a career in the finance sector), so I've almost outlived my savings...thus it seems suicidal for me to accept the trainee dealer offer because
(1) I have very little exposure and knowledge :cry:
(2) no way ppl are going to open an account with someone w/o experience :oops:
(3) I am 29yr old and this could very well be the last career switch in my life... :o
(4) I could also starve to death before I get my first client :???:

However, I do not wish to miss out on this opportunity also...Should I give up my dreams and pursue a stable & secure career??:s22: such as (2) or (3)? If so, would (2) or (3) be a better career advancement for me. Also, any dealer in securities / money market / commodities out there who can share their job functions, career prospects and anything about their job?

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Post by ksl » Fri, 20 Jun 2008 2:23 pm

why do you need others to guide your life? We live and learn by making errors in our lives, it's the best experience you will ever get.

With regards to job, or what you will be happy doing, you do not need money to be happy, if you have no money for food, you must do work that you are not happy with to survive.

This is not new, and i have been in this position maybe 5 or 6 times in my life, even washing dishes, to get by.

You could also take the job you love, and work cleaning tables or any low paid work, to see you through, its all about making your mind up, more than anything. Which is a weakness of many!

Although the only way to build on your strength, is to suffer! The Nike motto of "Just do it" comes to mind. That way you become accountable for your own destiny without blaming others. School was out along time ago, and lets face it, when i look back at career advice, based on education!

It makes me cringe to think how people are full of bullshit, with no experience of life in most cases. Yet at school age, we are all victims of a system, within a system, that give good advice, only to find out it wasn't so good!

Learn to take responibility for your life, is more important than any job offer, and if there is will, there is alway a way, to do what you want.

For example if i wanted to work in securities, I would do it for no pay, and seek an alternative to earn money by washing up in a resaurant, or even a car wash, window cleaning anything, that could help me survive the storm, until i had built my own accounts.

Only you can decide what you really want, and if you want it bad enough, you will suffer a little discomfort to get it.
dreams and pursue a stable & secure career??
Life is a dream, and the bubble can burst anytime, what you need is multi skills, to survive the bubbles bursting, the more work experience the better. So while doing what you like, you should also be learning other skills that interest you in your spare time, at least one night a week.

If you stagnate and go through life with blinkers on, you will suffer big time, when the bubble bursts, be prepared for the ups and downs of life.

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