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Hypothetical tax - STA compensations

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Hypothetical tax - STA compensations

Post by Scandinavia » Mon, 16 Jun 2008 11:50 am


Working in a multinational company and on a STA contract (6 months) I find that my company deducts hypothetical tax equaling what I would have paid in Scandinavia.

Then they pay taxes in Singapore and keeps the difference. (Now thats a deal a thief would not resist)

I get a 10% wage rise to compensate for extra living costs.

Now I asked if they would compansate for deductions I will now not be able to use towards the Swedish tax department, such as morgage costs for my house.

Well the answer was that I got my 10% to compensate for that? (I disagree, no need to say)

Is there anybody else who are in the same situation? Are you also just getting the 10% wageincrease and that´s it and that´s that?


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