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how do you guys cope being away from the missus?

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Wed, 28 May 2008 10:54 am

Bafana wrote:I typically throw a party - Walk around teh hosue naked and eat in my undies.

Not really a problem lah :cool:

Smoking in the Otilet good as well.

The mind boggles at the thought. Especially since somewhere I remember someone talking about 44" belts. :shock:

At least now they don't call Greenpeace every time I go to the beach! :lol:

ksl wrote:Are you still dropping weight? I found the HGH link good! :wink: very interesting theory that should work for some, but maybe not me, but i will check it out for the last 2 inches.

I have an appointment tonight to pick up my stabilization diet (2 to 3 weeks in length) tonight to halt the losing and stabilize my HGH responses. I am currently half a kg away from target weight of 69kg. Will reach there by the weekend. Will have lost 25kg in 20 weeks. Feel and look fantastic. Down to a 31" waist from initial 40". As an added benefit, my HBP is gone! My doctor, last Saturday, stopped all my meds. Beforeit was 140/90 medicated. Now........get this........110/70 with HR of 67-69 without any meds at all. Full blood workup in another week to find out if we will be dropping gout & cholesterol meds as well. Will be first time pill free in a long time. Fantastic program. No pills, no shakes, no special supplements, no High Protein. Nothing but fresh food purchased from NTUC.

Next week, once on the stabilization program, will be starting out easy on the Elliptical Cross-Trainer initially then on from there. I sent you the link to my online charts earlier. Did you check 'em out recently? :cool:

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Re: latest update... !

Postby kaseyma » Wed, 28 May 2008 1:10 pm

taxico wrote:booked a seat on SQ and will be in singapore for a 2 week stay mid-august! (was tough looking for time cos i had a whole bunch of locum gigs lined up and school to attend)

thanks for the encouragement (maneo, kaseyma, sunday, ksl) everyone else. last time i saw the missus was... february!

skype-wise i shall be buying a kickass logitech webcam for her when i get back to replace the awful creative one she's using.

for now... i shall... stay home more.

i think i might try to learn how to cook. i'll have to figure out how to disable the smoke alarm first though...

You're welcome.

Some cooking classes might be in order (at least to get started). :)
Variety of different styles to choose from.

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