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Changing jobs in Singapore while on EP

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Edmund Cardie
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Changing jobs in Singapore while on EP

Post by Edmund Cardie » Sat, 17 May 2008 1:23 am

I have been in my job for less than a year but I am planning to switch industries to have a better fit (banking to marketing). However, I have tried submitting several applications already (through jobs websites, company careers websites, etc) and none of them seem to consider me, even for interviews. I have submitted like 20-30 applications.

My question is, would this be because I am on EP, or maybe because I have been in the job for less than a year? Would it make a difference if I am applying with a PR in hand already? By the way, my resume does not state whether I am an EP or PR so the companies hiring are not able to tell. They might be able to guess though, based on the duration of my present job in Singapore

I have a Singapore address, I have a Singapore number and an EP. The positions I have applied for are already junior positions without much hard experience required. How come no one's still calling?

Is it simply a matter of having to stay longer in my present job to have a better-looking resume so that I can be considered? I am just afraid of the risks involved though if I stay longer in the job I do not like then find out it'll turn out the same way. I already got a marketing job offer in my home country but I'd rather work in Singapore so I am waiting for the chance here.

Anyone know how to approach this? Thanks in advanced.

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Post by maneo » Sat, 17 May 2008 6:06 am

Are you sure that your resume is marketing you well?

A "better-looking resume" may mean something more than just longer time in your present job.

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