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SK-2 water assistance pls!

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SK-2 water assistance pls!

Postby taxico » Fri, 16 May 2008 8:38 pm

face washing experts gather round!

i got a bottle of SK2 miracle water as a present earlier this year from my wife.

i don't tone and i was told this bottle is essentially toner. it doesn't suit my skin and i don't wish to toss it out cos i i think it's not cheap.

the website said i can apply this on my eye area. is it true? i always had the idea that... okay, my wife always said not to tone the eye area.

so SK2 miracle sauce A-OK on eye lids (& bags)? or will i end up with white spots, etc?

my routine: i normally wash my face when i bathe and then moisturize when i step outta the shower.

i can't ask the missus. she'll just tell me to throw it out and not use what is not suitable for me.

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