PR getting LTSVP for Common Law Spouse ... HELP!!!

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Shouldn't SPR's also be able to sponsor thier foriegn Common Law Spouses for an LTSVP??? (EP holders can)

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Post by Saint » Sun, 05 Oct 2008 9:21 am

synapse2synapse wrote:Similar situation -

My sig. other and I have been living together for nearly 3 years... we have a joint bank account, paperwork from old rental agreements in both our names, etc. He's here on an EP but I'm still unemployed in Singapore, so we obtained a letter from the Canadian Consulate attesting to our common-law relationship, got the notarized oath, and submitted an application for a LTSVP for moi.

We've been here about 6 months now, and he's considering applying for PR.... while going through the forms there's a section for your 'spouse' (as per a marriage certificate) to get PR for them too. Well, it doesn't matter to me whether I'm PR or on LTSV (if I find a job I'll get an EP of my own), but then he finds a page saying that if/when his PR status gets approved my LTSV would be immediately canceled!

What are we supposed to do? Apply for PR for me too and submit the docs from the Canadian Consulate in lieu of a marriage certificate and cross our fingers?
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