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Happy Mothers' Day

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Happy Mothers' Day

Postby ozchick » Sun, 11 May 2008 1:18 pm

Happy Mothers' Day all !
Yeah and I'm one of them ! My 23 yr old daughter is in Oz and sent me a beautiful card and said she misses shucks !
But the rooster gave me a beautiful gift for mother's day and I'm not sure why he did that cos he's not my daughter's I asked him and he said that we mothers are the most wonderful people in the world and should be cherished on all occasions...ooh it's SO loverly......
Secretly though, ya know what I think ? I reckon that since he's met my daughter he feels really sorry for me ! Yeah she's gorgeous and turns all the guys' heads but fair dinkum she gives new meaning to the words 'bitch from hell' ! He he...she's getting married soon- can't wait to see someone take a turn at being the 'dart-board'. :wink:
Ah kids...ya gotta love 'em.
'Are you trying to tempt me because I come from the land of plenty?'

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Postby Matney » Sun, 11 May 2008 1:36 pm

Or you could have married a man who says 'I'm not your Mother.' My daughter (15 yrs. old) said 'I got you some lip gloss last week with my own money, does that count?' But my son sent me a nice card with some nice words. I guess I should be glad, I did get a toasted egg, ham and cheese sandwich in bed. Its the little things that count. . . .

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