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POOT POOT POOT - vespa anyone? scooters too!

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POOT POOT POOT - vespa anyone? scooters too!

Postby taxico » Sun, 11 May 2008 8:08 am


was wondering if anyone here rides a vespa? (or other scooters)

i've always been warned to NOT ride a motorcycle in singapore.

i've decided to convert my license sometime this year and might buy a vespa!

1. is it difficult to keep wearing (within hygenic standards) a full face helmet in singapore? i only own full face helmets, so i might just bring one home if it's good.

2. as a corollary, are there particular FF models that are rather well vented and suited for the climate?

3. do helmets get cut off from bikes often? i don't want to install a topbox and i know i can't fit a FF one under the vespa seat.

4. how realistic is it to NOT get on the highway to get from place to place? (something i might have to promise the missus)

5. any advice feedback on buying/owning riding a sub-250 motorcycle/scooter welcomed too... esp how to placate family members or prevent them from finding out you are "riding a little on the side!"


p/s: forgot to ask also...

is it easy to find sheltered parking in the city (especially between the orchard road stretch)?

specifically, can i roll into paid parking and park in corners? or will i get into trouble?

if i stuck the scooter near/on pavement, but not blocking foot traffic (something i do all the time), will i get ticketed?

i know these sound stupid, but hey... gotta know 'em!

hiking out
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Postby hiking out » Thu, 15 May 2008 6:33 pm

hello taxico,

I used to ride a borrowed vespa a long ago but now only ride motorcycles occassionally. I believe that i can't list other forums here, so I would advise you to google for "bike forums Singapore", there's an active site where you should be able to find info about bikes, scooters, groups etc

It's safe to ride in Singapore if you do so defensively. Other motorist sometimes do not see you due to the small profile of 2 wheelers. (and I would always try to avoid their blind spots). That's why all motorcycles/scooters must have their headlights switched on, at all times of the day, here.

Yes full face helmets are safest, better ones have good vents. You can also consider FF models with with flip up chin bars though I would think they may not as strong as the rigid FF ones. Hygene should not be an issue if you get those with removable paddings where you can wash them periodically. again google for reviews or visit the bike forum.

Yes, helmets can get cut off especially the nice expensive ones considering that some models cost upwards of $600/-. I would advise getting a detachable box.

Difficult but not impossible not to get on highway or expressway as we call them here, I think they are no more dangerous than the other roads, sometimes safer as you are less likely to be surprised by a vehicle comiing out of a side street.(poor visibility again as they are looking out for cars/ buses etc) The max speed limit on the expressway is 90 km/hr so if you ride defensively, it should not be an issue. Not sure your missus will buy the argument though.

If you not into retro designs or the chic looks of scooters, get those with bigger diameter wheels as they are generally more stable. Placate family members? Can't really help you there, perhaps pop up at some of the scooter groups meetups. There are some local scooter enthusiasts who do up and or restore old vespas. lambrettas etc, I believe they have gatherings. Rent the movie Roman Holiday and watch it with your significant other, tell her she would look better than Audrey Hepburn on a scooter.

Sheltered lots are quite easy to fiind, some blds offer free parking for m/cycles others do not welcome 2 wheelers. Many carpark barriers leave a gap for motorcycles to squeeze thru.

Parking in odd corners and pavements is generally tolerated though not all the time so you might get ticketed from time to time but it does not happen often, observe what others do and do likewise.
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Postby taxico » Fri, 16 May 2008 7:30 pm

excellent! *rub hands in glee*

i'm looking forward to getting a vespa when i'm headed back to singapore for a year in 2009!

i've found a few bike forums, but boy, they're snotty little things that behave quite in a peculiar fashion (when they DO reply, ie!)

thanks, once again!

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