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Post by sundaymorningstaple » Mon, 09 Aug 2010 4:18 pm

Frisco wrote:Still you don't get it... how pathetic!
"...I have no problems and neither does my son with regards to his obligations and rights and duties ..."
My husband went through NS, so did all my brothers, uncles, and male relatives. I even had a relative killed during training in the late '60s. And I wished you had seen how the mother grieved.

Wished you'd seen the mother's that grieved of my generation during the 55,000 of my peers who were killed during VN, while I managed to survive being shot down 4 times in my chopper .
"...Why should they let someone who is against them come back to the country and welcome them with open arms? :P... "
Where did you get the idea that I am about to burn my bridges behind me?

It's obvious from your initial post that obviously that's the last thing you want. Especially considering how you have been breaking the law for the past 3 years holding dual US/Singaporean Citizenship. Sounds like you DO want the best of both worlds to me. Kiasuism at it finest, right?

I stated clearly in my original post that my husband served the NS and sees the merits of it. We are ready to send all our boys back for NS. As suggested by MS, we will make the decison for them. ie. to renouce their US citizenship after they have served their NS. Ultimately, they shall stay where their root is.

Since I answered you with a quote, and you don't understand it, then I have no choice but to explain to you as if you were a child...


The you should have stayed in Singapore as you knew that Singapore doesn't accept dual citizenship yet you applied for US citizenship anyway and ILLEGALLY RETAINED your Singaporean Citizenship. Fear of losing you Green Card made your Kiasuism come to the fore.

Talking about roots, how many generations of your relatives are there? My relatives before me went through periods when Singapore was not a country, or even a British colony, and they were there when the Japanese occupied the island, they were there when the existence of Singapore itself was in doubt. Were you and your son there?

No, my son wasn't there but my son's Grandfather was. And he worked for the British Army before the Japanese Invasion, was forced to work for the Japanese during the occupation in order to keep alive, and subsequently worked for the British Army until their departure in 1964. Why? Is it relevant? Does it make one any more or less patriotic? It didn't seem to make you all that patriotic, you took up US Citizenship.

Be careful about passing insensitive remarks, and posting funny faces. It is not funny at all.

I agree, in fact, I find these totally avoidable situations rather pathetic, only having been brought about by the kiasuism of the parents.

I cannot believe how they let you participate for so long in this forum, let alone being a moderator.

As a personal poster, which I am, unless I sign off as a moderator, I am also entitled to my own opinion, just as your are. All the moderators here are regular members who contribute enormous amounts of time here, despite doing this totally without reward or remuneration. So, if I get up your nose, remember I'm just another poster who also gets tired of those who thought that they could pull something over on the government and have subsequently get their knickers in a knot because the government here is smarter than they are.
Frisco wrote: My Problems:
1. My husband and I both obtained US citizenship 3 years ago, when it was time to renew our green cards, after many years of being PR. Since he is the sole income earner for the family, we were always in fear when the time came to renew our green cards that we might not have them renewed.

But you illegally didn't renounce your Singapore Citizenship.

However, my husband and I want to go back to Singapore for retirement. We were both born and grew up in Singapore. My Singapore passport has since expired, and I want to have it renewed. Will Singapore renew my passport, and allow me back to live?

So you want the convenience of both?

2. My children were all born in the US, and will have a majority of their formative years here. I want them to be able to work and live in Singapore when my husband and I go back for retirement. Yet I want them to retain their US citizenship and be able to return here to work and reside here if it is their choice, since the US is their birth place, and the country where they will have grown up in.

Talk about Kiasuism!

How do I achieve this? Don't bash me because I do sound like I want the best of both worlds. But who wouldn't want the best for their children? Especially when they are still so young, and I don't want a situation where I "sealed their fates" and they'll blame me the rest of their lives. I don't want to have to choose one citizenship over the other for my children.

So typical of those who get caught in the system due to their own greed.

My husband went through NS himself, and sees the merits of going through the training. We do not mind sending all our boys back to Singapore for NS if that will give them Singapore PR to live and work there if that is what they want in the future.

But in my understanding, my children will still have to give up Singapore citizenship, even after going through NS, if they want to keep their US citizenship, am I right?

That is correct, as you are naturalized US Citizens and not US born citizens.

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Post by Mad Scientist » Tue, 10 Aug 2010 5:10 am

It is not worth to reminiscense the past as it will bring back all the bad memories of what has happened. You can never understand why and how these things happen. I was a young boy when the confrontation erupted between Indonesia and Malaysia, the riots of Natra and riots between the Chinese and the Malays. Given the right dose of medicines and when all things gel together, it will erupt like a volcano.
I was trained by the Israelis during the early 70s and it was not a walk in the park.Death during training is not as rampant as one would tend to believe. In fact NONE of us died during our NS days. It makes us stronger and fitter. We are close knit bunch. We serve many peacekeeping assignment. Some until today are station with the Isrealis at their border control for military "exposure"
Whether Sger wants to settle here or not OR if one wants their son to serve the NS or otherwise, they have to make that choice and that choice is for them to make.
Look into the future and go forward. Everyone has a tale to tell. SMS and myself are from a different generation, we said it from our past experiences and the knowledge we gained.Nothing more nothing less. Some may like it , some don't. That what makes this forum great as everyone has an opinion.
Everyone has their own personal right and every rights is personal
The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.Yahoo !!!

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