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short cheap getaway

Post by moderndaybarbie » Tue, 08 Jul 2008 2:56 pm

I am enjoying my getaway now in Tioman Island. Putting up in Sri Tioman, which is currently being taken over by a new management. Understand that the name will be changed very soon too. Attap chalets, airconditioned and comfy! Im in the best room now, which cost less than RM 150/night! Food is fresh and cheap. Cna go via bus and ferry from Mersing.

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Post by mules » Tue, 08 Jul 2008 9:25 pm

pulau sibu, can definitely recommend

affordable, about a 3 hour drive from singapore, including the time to cross the causeway, and the beach and water were beautiful, clean and calm.

my only complaint, amongst alot of rave reviews are the mosquitos. before i went alot of people said it is full of sand flies - i didn't see a single sand fly.

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Post by Justin_Br » Mon, 18 Aug 2008 3:43 pm

The general consensus is that Tioman is touristy and that Redang is "less" touristy.

Thus, I believe that Berjaya Air is the main way to get into these islands but the flights end up costing almost S$1,200 for two people!

Thus, the dilemma is that while the prices on the islands are not too expensive simply getting to them is VERY expensive. Keep in mind I just book two round-trip tickets to Bangkok for less than S$700!

Therefore, any other suggestions as I have experienced Batam and will be travelling to Vietnam and Thailand shortly.

If necessary I would be able to take a plane ride as long as the prices are fairly low since it seems that to fly to either Tioman or Redang will cost more than flying to Thailand!

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Post by Bonobo2005 » Fri, 22 Aug 2008 1:44 pm

living in SG for over 2 yrs now we found Tioman the best doable weekend getaway - but we like diving which is outstanding as well as the snorkelling. We normally stay on (budget) ABC Beach which is simple and does not really feel touristy as there are no big crowds or package tours - a good backerpacker mood there is and a package of 3 beers go for RM 10 only.

Probably the best chalets with seaview are here (from RM70):

What we usually do is take a taxi from Singapore to Mersing in the evening - On Fri night that can cost as much as S$120,-- which includes 2 hours of traffic jam at the border. At any other time it should be cheaper and far less time consuming. NB from JB to Mersing by taxi will cost between RM 130-RM 180 depending the time. From JB to Mersing jetty takes 2 hours + 15 minutes. In Mersing there are decent rooms for RM 55 per night (fe Embassy Hotel).
The ferry to Tioman leaves at 7.30am and takes 2-2,5 hours incl the inevitable delays and depending which beach you want to be dropped.

We found Bintan Resort area actually more an extension of Singapore, with prices of food and alcohol on (mid to upmarket) Singapore level. Paying US$14 (menus are in dollar)for a coctail is quite normal here. It's quite an unnatural, fully designed, landscaped and fenced off part of the Island, where no locals live apart from servants. I won't send my oversees friends there unless they want to be on a spa package and have big money to spend.

An alternative may be Bali, the DIRECT flights with Lion air can be had at around S$200 per person and the plane almost arrives at the beach! The flights have excellent timings as well!

hope this helps.

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Post by ching » Tue, 26 Aug 2008 9:15 pm

We went to Bali via LionAir and it was not bad at all.

Flight from Singapore leaves early morning so you've got the whole day, and the return flight is late evening.

Bring a book in case the flight gets delayed and you're stuck in the airport waiting.
Tips from expats living in Singapore -

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Post by ngkahhui » Tue, 26 Aug 2008 10:54 pm

anyone wan to go?
perhaps can arrange : )

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