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Employment pass through a small new business

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Employment pass through a small new business

Post by page8171 » Mon, 05 May 2008 5:29 pm

Hi I am a british man who has been working under the holiday work programme here for 6months now and have succeeded in getting employment throughout that time as a freelance art director and set designer. I now want to stay in Singapore for longer .

I am thinking of two options. One is the entrepass route, however I am not sure as a freelancer without a need to employ further singaporeans directly within the company , this will work. The other which i am favouring at the moment is this.

My singaporean girlfriend establishes a limited private company here and becomes director. It specialises in theatre and film design, and employs me on a Q pass. I work for the company which is contractually employed throughout singapore. My salary matches the income of the company bar taxes expenses etc, my girlfiend continues in her normal job without taking a salary.

My concerns are , 1. is it likely that the government will allow her new company one sole employer as a q pass holder.
2. what happens when some months the company may not be able to pay the 3000 dollars listed in q pass salary, but perhaps in other months could pay 5000 ? Of course I would never sue for my salary, but would the company be in trouble regardless of me making my salary deficit on some months an issue.

Perhaps the positive things going for me are my english university education, and proven employment record in singapore for the past 6 months. In addition if need be I could obtain letters of recommendation from a couple of well established production companies in Singapore. In addition, show job offers of freelance work occurring after the time i have to legally leave the country and cease working.

Any help comments on this would be fantastic and much appreciated,


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