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Mental health/therapists in Singapore?

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Mental health/therapists in Singapore?

Post by donotexist » Sun, 04 May 2008 7:21 am

I'll be arriving in Singapore in a couple of months and while I am excited, I know there will probably be some associated stress. I find it helpful to have a few sessions with a therapist or mental health professional during difficult times, and was wondering how to go about that if the stress gets to me in Singapore.

Will a regular doctor be able to refer me to a psychologist/psychiatrist? (or better yet, can someone recommend one?) How much should I expect to pay per session? Is there a lot of stigma attached to seeking therapy? I just get garden-variety anxiety, so I don't particularly need any specific expertise - just a competent therapist who isn't overly drug-pushy. (I'm not against medicating, but don't want to rely (or have a doctor who relies) exclusively on that.)

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Post by taxico » Mon, 12 May 2008 7:47 pm


i can't post private messages to you.

i'm an md and have met a wonderful singapore psychiatrist (i have been to her myself to sort things out) who can assess you and make relevant recommendations.

like doctors, psychologists aren't necessarily "one size fits all" and some tackle certain issues better than others.

however, by going through a doctor will cost more, but may be the best bet for your mental health as he/she can be alert to other symptoms you may not pick up on.

plus (most importantly) the one i have in mind does NOT rip people off. i don't receive a commission or anything (i don't practice in singapore) so fear not!

drop me a line if you so wish [email protected]

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