Should we bring all our furniture?? & temp Housing question

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Post by JR8 » Thu, 20 Dec 2012 6:26 pm

It's subjective and Cath C ^^^ has given the best answer possible IMO.

Just in case: Remember that Singapore is 240v and any 110v (i.e. US) appliances will have to be run through a transformer. If you need transformers buy them in the US and bring them in your freight. They are small'ish (about the size of 1/3rd of a shoebox) but very heavy, like 10lbs+.

Anyway in summary, you're going to need to limit the amount of 110v appliances you bring to what is really important to you (like say a specialist/high-end hi-fi). Replacing the small appliances with 240v stuff, is what your relo allowance is meant to help cover.

I assume you know about TV/video 'regions' and PAL vs NSTC... your freight company should be giving you the heads up on all these kind of things...

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