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Retire in Singapore? Any Ex-pat retirees out there?

Discuss about life in Singapore. Ask about cost of living, housing, travel, etiquette & lifestyle. Share experience & advice with Singaporeans & expat staying in Singapore.
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Post by robbier » Thu, 14 Aug 2008 5:41 pm

Well I am just about to retire here at nearly 65. Been here this time round since 2000 but other tranches throughout the past 40 years.
Now PR of course but know I will have to adapt to many things when the days are long and the weather humid. On balance, I believe I will enjoy as one can always escape the relative smallness of the island to local countries or indeed to oz for a break.

I have always preferred seasons but UK is not quite what it was when I was a lad fact some of the current facts are quite frightening. I would be glad to meet up for a drink and have a chat.

Life surely is what one makes it and happiness in old age is very important. One has to think very carefully indeed but I have made my decision.

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Post by Global Citizen » Thu, 14 Aug 2008 9:42 pm

Have no immediate plans to retire at the moment but we're definitely thinking along the lines of 6 months in Singapore and 6 months in Canada, when the time comes.

Never been a fan of cold harsh winters and in my old age it'll be even harder on my body, and this sounds like it will be an ideal arrangement for us. For the record, I'm a S'porean living on a Caribbean island but have no desire to retire here.
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Post by Leone and John » Fri, 15 Aug 2008 8:24 am

not too many years before we retire.......

.... and like others we are trying to decide what is best all round. Maybe not go back to the cold weather of "home" but stay here, either Singapore or close by.

Our choice would be Batam (Indonesian Island) just 30 mins from Singapore, many retiree's there and they all seem to enjoy their lifestyle. They can come over to Singapore for any medical appoint, shopping or if they miss the noise and frantic pace of life..... spend a few days before going back to Batam!!

To retire and live in Singapore would be nice, but perhaps on a lower income, a little more difficult?

oh well, our thoughts anyway. :-)
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6 months in Singapore and 6 months in Canada

Post by RobSg » Fri, 15 Aug 2008 9:06 pm

I really appreciate the comments to my original posting about retirement in Singapore. I've been gone from Singapore for a year now, but am a PR (9 years remaining until I renew). I'm almost 62. I am working in the States for a year to get re-acquainted with my own culture after being overseas for 33 years. After one year here, I plan on retiring at 62 or 63, and spending part of the year in Singapore, perhaps working part-time as a tutor to keep busy, and the rest of the time in Canada.

My only concern is that if I want to live in Singapore for 6 months each year, can you rent an apartment/HDB flat easily for that length of time? My retirement income will be close to S$6,000/month and grow each year, and I have IHI (International Health Insurance). Are 6 month rentals possible?



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