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HubStation -> Bravia LCD and Sony DVD player - Connection??

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HubStation -> Bravia LCD and Sony DVD player - Connection

Post by sierra2469alpha » Wed, 23 Apr 2008 1:18 pm

Friends, for those who may recall our Bravia and PS3 went "missing" during shipment. However we now have replacements that have arrived.

Some questions for you on connectivity. A few sticky issues I've come up with after a fair amount of research, are:

1. Connecting HubStation to Bravia - Component or standard analgoue? From what I have read, Component doesn't include audio - so how does the Bravia get that?

2. Connecting older DVD surround sound system which only has S-Video or standard analogue (video + L + R) connection, to Bravia - I am assuming S-Video?

3. PS3 to Bravia - HDMI. However, to take advantage of 5.1 (and I know it won't be true 5.1), then what cable would you recommend using out of the PS3 - I assume standard stereo then use the "smarts" of the DVD surround system to mimic 5.1?

4. Has anybody actually used DLNA in the PS3 - I am looking at getting a NAS device with DLNA builtin to try and stream direct. ANy experience would be most welcomed.

Many thanks in advance, P


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