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Postby Ada232 » Mon, 23 Jun 2008 11:40 pm

I agree that a good barista should remember his or her customers by name and their preference.

However, not the taking time part. Coffee should be made in the shortest possible time. As the coffee start to oxidize the moment if come out of the group head, and the creme will disappear and the coffee turn bitter. Milk should be added asap to stop the oxidising process.

The finish product should be delievery asap to the customer before the milk turn cold. The quality of the coffee will drop as the temp. drop. Cold or warm coffee is bad coffee.

On top of all that, the presentation of the coffee is very important too. As we always eat with our eyes 1st. Which is how latte art started.

I am in singapore now and will be going to raffles place to meet a friend for lunch tomo. so I will drop in and give danny's coffee a try.

By the way, I am a barista in the melbourne city and restaurant manager by night at fitzroy. That why I have high expectation toward food and wine. And I know my stuff/work.


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Coffee in Singapore CBD Raffles

Postby ezprezzo » Wed, 03 Sep 2008 6:32 pm

Hi, did you managed to get Danny to make your cafe lattes?
Coffee is 25% Machine, 25%Beans and 50% Barista!

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