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What is Truenote??

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What is Truenote??

Post by crystalcraze » Wed, 02 Apr 2008 4:54 pm

I saw the booth in IT SHow but never dare to come and ask. :P Can anyone tell me what brand is this? and if this is good. I am thinking of buying new laptop but really on budget...

check this:

thanks.... :) :) :D :lol:
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Post by sierra2469alpha » Wed, 02 Apr 2008 5:49 pm

Crys - it's a PanelPC - basically all the processor, drives etc sit inside the shroud that houses the LCD panel.

Nothing new here, nothing to see, move along, move along!!

Good idea if you're tight on desktop R/E (desktop real estate ie. desk space).

The problem with these, like some notebooks, is graphics. The spec I read on your link isn't going to make C&C or FSX shine, but for day to day, it's not a bad piece of kit. Because of its form factor, upgrading won't be too easy, so it's probably a box to consider as "disposable" in a few years should your requirements outweigh it's abilities.

Sony have done a similar PanelPC. Use your browser of choice to wander over to ... d=VGCLA38G if you're interested.

In terms of who makes it - it's Hasee in PRC - click their About Us page on the link you provided.


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