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The Distance Dilemma

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Miss Swan
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The Distance Dilemma

Postby Miss Swan » Wed, 12 Mar 2008 1:41 pm

I just met the most amazing guy when through a friend a few months back and we've been having such a strong and incredible relationship ever since.

Unfortunately he's living and working in Brisbane, while I'm a Singaporean. In short, we are certain and have decided to be with each other, but after doing some research and asking around, it appears that the Australia job market has a very closed-door policy to foreigners. There's no way he can come over to Singapore because he lacks a tertiary education, and we know how much Singapore companies love to look at certs. At least for myself I have a solid college degree and 3 years of working experience in 2 of the most booming economies right now.

Then, I thought of doing my Master's there to gain myself a stepping stone, but that'll require a huge cash inflow which I'm not certain I can handle. Some people enter through marriage visas, but marriage is not on the cards for the next 5 years or so : :wink:

Hence here lies my difficulty. What options/avenues/tips/advice are there for me? I suppose there're a good handful of Australian expats in this forum, or expats who're familiar with the Australia job market.

It's because he's such an amazing guy that I would never think about giving up this relationship just because we come from 2 different countries.

I'd love to hear and consider all the advice I can get...

~Miss Swan

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