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Sing Landlord n Chinese Social Visit Pass abusers! Need Help

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Sing Landlord n Chinese Social Visit Pass abusers! Need Help

Post by sing07 » Tue, 11 Mar 2008 6:05 pm

Here is the background if u dont already know this one.

I have been in the River Valley area since SARS. Currently I share a unit with 6 other rooms. Yes, trying to save on rent at the moment and yes trying to move out. However in the mean time half of us work legal jobs (3 others PR) and another 5 female persons in 3 rooms are here on social visit passes from mainland China and are "kept" or work "nights". This is causing conflict due to various reasons etc. Last week the police were called for an incident. Basically keeping us tax payers up at night etc.

Now here is the question.. How can I get these pests out of here and who do I contact? I already called immegration and they said follow them to work and then they can investigate there. (G thanks)

and what about the Chinese landlord who is exploiting this as she charges them high which of course they easily pay with "friends" money. How do I get her in trouble??

Im fed up and could use some real practical advice and not a bunch of wasteful comments...


Fellow Gren Card X Pat

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