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Short-term lease? Moving by mid-April, family to follow.

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Short-term lease? Moving by mid-April, family to follow.

Post by pinoyboy » Sun, 02 Mar 2008 11:08 pm

Good day folks! I've already spent a rather inordinate amount of time in this forum to help address my situaton. I submitted this post hoping for some more answers as well as validation (or any criticisms) of my relocation plans.

My package is based on local terms which, in my understanding, is now the norm rather than the exception. From the various topics/post, the pay of S$12K/month x 14 months (with some medical/dental coverage) is already good. After I received my offer last week, my wife has started her own job search. She has a finance background so we reckon that she should be able to continue her career in Singapore within six months. Only when she gets her desired job will the rest of the family (3 boys -- ages 9, 7 and 3) follow. We'll also bring along our two maids and we'll secure for them the necessary work permits.

As I'll initially just be by myself, I plan to secure a short term-lease (monthly?) for a studio/1-bedroom flat. Or is this also possible for shared accommodation? I'll be working in the CBD (District 2) but I can consider temporarily staying even within Districts 10-15 for a decent place under S$1,500/month as I will be issued a company car. Is this doable? By the way, how long is the approximate travel time from these areas to the CBD?

We'll then seriously look for a bigger place when my wife secures a job there. I'll start scouting for a 1,500+ sq ft, 3-bedroom (plus common area) flat. Maybe the housing market will have cooled by then such that we can get a condo below S$3,500/month within the above districts (assuming the distance is manageable). Am I being overly optimistic?

One last question/rant -- I plan to send my boys to a local school as we obviously will not be able to afford an International School. Do private local schools really have better standards than govt.-aided schools?

Your replies/comments to my concerns (albeit wide-ranging) will be much appreciated!

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