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Subsidies Programs Under the SDF ? Listing

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Subsidies Programs Under the SDF ? Listing

Post by FastCashh » Tue, 12 Feb 2008 9:27 am

can any one share with me where to get other SDF courses besides these ?

im working in the engineering field and would like learn more about accounting and import export documentation courses under SDF scheme? :D

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Re: Subsidies Programs Under the SDF ? Listing

Post by ksl » Wed, 13 Feb 2008 1:51 am

FastCashh wrote:can any one share with me where to get other SDF courses besides these ?

im working in the engineering field and would like learn more about accounting and import export documentation courses under SDF scheme? :D
Hello FastCash....

Back in 1989 I passed my international export examination, it was a 16 week live in course state authorised course, costing 6500K sterling..The government initiative, was to increase the Countrys exports, because there was an imbalance on the account, the previous year, our main task was international trade and the grants documentation, to apply for government grants....So we would take on the responsibilities of the Companies export effort, we could take more companies at one time with several products.

The examination qualifies one in the role of International Trade within the Chamber of Commerce.

Depending on age and experience one could normally get dispensation, although you are asking about Singapore....the best i could do, is come up with the online course, if you can get past the course you could be on a very good earner, because it is the Export Consultants job to fill in the documentation.
So the 16 week course is very intensive and practical, normally working free, to evaluate a Companys' strengths & weaknesses, within the business structure and model used from product to employees the business plan and finance required for export penetration to succeed.

Of course 16 weeks is only long enough to do, the desk research and a project would be expected to last 3 years at minimum, with field research taking up to 6 month..So the Consultant would be paid, through the grant complete the feasibility report and lead the product launch in the new market place.

What is most important is the study of the cultural background, one is exporting to, that's one reason why I went to China for 1 years study.

My point is, to explain it's a long long haul to get cannot just learn how to fill in the documentation and jump aboard, but if you are a registered company, you can appoint an export consultant to guide you, through the procedures of applying for the grant..

Report writing and grant application are the focal points government offices and business development boards are interested in, just like business start up plans.

Anyway here you go, the self study program, will give you a fundamental idea, after you complete it, you can feel proud of yourself....out of 40 on my course, and they were all experienced degree holders and professors, in management positions for companies only 10 passed the examination, which was a 2 hour stint at the blackboard, briefing examiners while external examiners, fire questions.

It was an exhaustive exam, which focussed on methodology, report writing skills, business skills, international Trade, Law and a few others, now believe it or not, those failed, the course, were highly qualified people, that just didn't have the basic business commonsense, to pass the course.

So you must have a business education, before taking this course, otherwise, you will drown in terminology that is used in the industry.

I cannot post the full link, so you will have to chose export resources, then look for the ieXport learning portal.

I would think you would have to hold a degree from the SMU in business, before you could get on the export and grant application side, up until then, you can learn the procedures on the website.

Now that i have found the website, it may also be useful for my wifes business too! If you do need any help, let me know, i can maybe guide you in the right direction. I did my exam on industrial shrink wrapping machines

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