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Post by ksl » Thu, 14 Feb 2008 3:52 pm

Also, there's Singapore defamation laws to consider. If I post a review saying "Agency X sucks" here, I can see see Agency X suing not just me but the board, and any judge is not going to take very kindly to a business slagging (or allowing the slagging) of a competitor
I fully understand, the worry...although it shouldn't really be a problem, if the scenerio, is spotted in time...but I do respect the right to have rules.
I, personally, agree with you on this. However, the management has indicated that they do not, so I respect that, because it's their forum and their business.
Like what I mentioned about mindset! I'm sure you do actually understand, being in the service sector.

At, the end of the day, like you say, it is their business...and that's why from my point of view, it is history!

It's only through discussion, that opinions are looked at, and every one is entitled to their opinion, there will always be different, approaches to visionaries, and many people here in Singapore, are very short sighted, becuase it is mindset, and the here and now, that matters!

I meet these kinds of people every day, and look at the prolem solving side of the issues at hand, rather than, admitting, the negative that, this country will not change the mindset...the wheels in this Country are already on the move, and that's why specialists and visionaries are here.

Thanks for the brief!

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