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Poor Services @ Red Apple Furniture

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Poor Services @ Red Apple Furniture

Postby sunwa12 » Tue, 05 Feb 2008 3:24 pm

We purchase a set of dining table with Red Apple Furniture from it's showroom at Sungei Kadut in December 2007. Promised date of delivery is on 19th January 2008 but found out later that they do not have stocks and told us to wait. No calls to inform us of this and they told us that many customers are facing the same problem.

Our warning to everyone, please be very careful. There is a clause at the back of the invoice that the company is not responsible for delaying of delivery and in event of no stocks situation. No refund is entertain.

We waited and call to ask for updates, different sales personnel answer the calls and no one bothers to call back. We were told that originally the option given to us to choose the marble piece for the top of the table is not possible when the goods arrive on 1st February, as they do not allow this. They will try to deliver once they are able to, maybe by 2nd February 2008 at 1pm. We waited till 3pm, and called to check. They told us that they are busy and a Sales Supervisor said he cannot do anything, customer could drop by to complain him if we are not happy, and offer us his name. He hanged up after saying this.

Finally, the dining table set arrive at 7pm, only 4 chairs were delivered when 6 pieces were ordered and paid fully for. We called the office, they said they made a mistake on the order and there is nothing they can do except waiting till end of March 2008 for the next batch of goods to arrive!

This is really a bad shopping experience, it would be our first and last time making any purchase with this furniture store. Now, we have to wait till end of March and see if the missing 2 chairs will come as promise...

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Postby phil30k » Mon, 11 Feb 2008 11:37 am

Singapore follows british law in this respect and a clause like that sounds void.

A simpler option may be to consult with CASE, a singaporean consumer protection agency who also does enforcement. Their number is in the book.

Good luck.

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similar experience

Postby nicole44 » Mon, 24 Mar 2008 11:56 pm

Hi Sunwa 12

I had a similar incident as urs at apple furniture. But on top of that.. it its of poor quality! It is different as compared to what i had seen in the show room. Easily kanna scratch marks...

Mine was a wardrobe with sliding door. Apparently they didn't really fix the door properly. It was very hard to slide. I did call them back one more time to refix the door again... However, it was okay only for one day and is getting worse to worse. Recently, my mother in law went to slide the door seeing that it is abit out of alignment, the whole door drop and knock onto her head and hurt my husband big toes... Lucky not too serious for my mother in law but alot of bleeding for my husband.

If i am not wrong, the item was delivered toward the end of november. And currently i am not in SG. I am very anxious to study the terms and conditions again, as i really feel like sueing the company. I cant remember where I had left my receipt so my husband cant locate it for me. Will it be convenient for u to scan the terms and condition page for me to study? I am very anxious now. Hope that u can Help.


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Postby ksl » Tue, 25 Mar 2008 4:43 pm

Sure is a case for CASE! :)

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