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Mini-move back to UK

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Mini-move back to UK

Postby fedgley » Tue, 05 Feb 2008 2:25 pm

Hi folks,
Bank account full and no more passport pages - time to head home. :)

We don't have too much stuff to ship, and I reckon we could put it all in sea-mail boxes to get it home (about 10 would do the trick) so, at max S$1700 to ship the lot. Except... we gotta send the PC and some other shiny consumer electronics that way too. :o

Now, I don't trust the postal service too much (particularly in the UK). Has anyone tried this method of getting stuff home? Do you have mates who've relocated using a Mover that doesn't need 3 cubic meters and $3000 to get off their backside?

Any help or experience you can offer would be great.

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