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Moving apartment / Transferring services

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Moving apartment / Transferring services

Post by Asdracles » Tue, 29 Jan 2008 10:42 pm

Hi! Next week I will move to a new apartment, and I have some questions.

Fortunately, my current landlady allow me to stay here until CNY as shes not going to use the flat until then, but the new flat will be available Feb 1st, so things should be a bit easier. But.....

What about the Starhub transfer? Is it inmediate? I mean, in the same day that I loss Internet in my current flat will be available in the new one?

About SG utilities. I have paid a deposit fee. As that account is related to the flat, should I claim the deposit and paying a new one for the new flat?

When I arrived to SG in my company there was an ex-estate agent so things were easier than now, :D

Oh! And last but not least.....

Really my current contract expires on April, but the landlady is more than happy about an early cancellation as her sister is back in SG and want to live here. She has been absolutely nice with me, and gave me already in December a letter stating that we cant renew the contract, and when I called her to ask her if I could start to look for a flat she told me that of course.

But my "legal point", however she has been really nice and I guess there wont be any problem is.... Should we sign any document for the cancellation? Just the agent that rented the flat should do it? Is there any standard template?


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