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Criteria for Various Airlines.

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Criteria for Various Airlines.

Post by Plavt » Wed, 23 Jan 2008 3:57 am

Posted on behalf of flight attendant Queenie-me;

Singapore Airline Requirements:
•Females who are at least 1.58m; Males who are at least 1.65m in height
•Degree/ Diploma
•At least 2 GCE ‘A’-level credits and 2 ‘O’-level credits including General Paper in the GCE ‘A’-level examination
•At least 5 GCE ‘O’-level credits including English and working experience
•Completed, are exempted from, or are not liable for National Service. Those in the process of completing NS may also apply.
•Preference will be given to candidates who are able to speak foreign languages or are experienced in customer service.

Silkair Requirements:
•Minimum height of 1.58cm
•Minimum of 3 GCE 'O' Level or 4 GCE 'N' Level credits including English.
•Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents preferred.

Emirates Airline Requirements:
To qualify for this opportunity, you will need to meet the following criteria:
•Minimum age 21 years at the time of application.
•Minimum arm reach of 212 cms (on tip toes), which will enable you to reach emergency equipment on all aircraft types.
•Educated to at least high school standard.
•Medically fit to meet aircrew requirements.
•Fluent in written and spoken English (fluency in another language is an asset).
•Previous experience in the service/hospitality industry is an advantage.

Qatar Airways Requirements:
•Minimum age of 20 years
•Minimum arm reach of 212cms (on tip toes)
•Minimum high school education/ O levels, with fluency in written and spoken English (ability to speak another language is an asset)
•An excellent level of health and fitness
•A willingness to relocate to Doha, Qatar
•Ideally, having an outgoing personality with good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment is an advantage.

Etihad Airways Requirements:
• Minimum age 20 years
• Weight proportionate to height
• Educated to a minimum level of accredited secondary education or equivalent.
• Must have a high standard of English; verbal, written and comprehension. Fluency in another language is an advantage.
• Medically fit to meet regulatory requirements.
•Ability to swim at least 25m unaided in open water, without a flotation device

Jet Airways Requirements:
Experienced Cabin Crew (Male/Female) with minimum one year of flying experience with a leading international carrier.

Tiger Airways Requirements:
•Minimum height of 1.58m
•Minimum age of 18 years
•Minimum four N-levels with good command of written and spoken English
•Ability to speak second language an advantage
•Good communication and sales skills
•Medically fit to meet aircrew requirements
•Able to swim a minimum of 50m unaided

Jetstar Airways Requirements:
•At least 2 years of experience in customer service preferably from the hospitality, retail or food & beverage industries.
•Minimum N or O-Level
•You will need to have excellent communication skills with a strong command of the English language. Ability to speak one other Asian language will be highly regarded.

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Re: Criteria for Various Airlines.

Post by cadetpilot » Mon, 04 Jan 2016 6:37 pm

I believe it's all about the experience of someone. However, there are many people think Emirates is much better than Qatar Airways and that's a fact. I know another friend who resigned from QA after 2 weeks from joining, when he knew there's a deal between the 2 companies which means it will take 1 year for him to join Emirates after leaving QA, the guy was impatient but for good, and now there are still 5 months for him to go. That explains most QA Cabin Crew join the company just to gain experience and then they join Emirates forever, that is it!

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Re: Criteria for Various Airlines.

Post by cadetpilot » Wed, 06 Jan 2016 6:50 pm

The major requirements for commercial pilots are flying experience, education and FAA licensure. Many pilots are trained in the military or at a flying school. Completing an FAA-accredited flight training program may allow prospective commercial pilots to gain experience while learning flying skills not taught in the classroom. Employers often prefer to hire pilots who have completed a college degree. Courses may include aerospace engineering, aviation meteorology, physics and mathematics.
All commercial pilots must complete an oral, written and practical FAA licensing exam. Pilots also must pass a physical exam and meet the minimum number of required flying hours.
Aircraft pilots must also be able to work away from home for long periods. Many commercial airline pilots have irregular schedules and must stay overnight to accommodate flight schedule

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