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Appeal for help . 17 yo boy in neuro-intensive care unit..

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Appeal for help . 17 yo boy in neuro-intensive care unit..

Postby boii18 » Mon, 21 Jan 2008 8:12 am

Hey guys my godbrother is in ttsh battling death.. he is having viral encephalitis thats what the doctors suspect.. We're all very worried sick... especially his parents, his close friends, and godbros..

I will detail his medical history below..
- circa early sept he had vertigo-like symptoms i.e. the world keep shaking.. sometimes vomit... was misdiagnosed as vertigo.
- november.. went in to changi hospital and was warded ( not in intensive care )
- circa early december - transferred to tan tock seng hosp.. at this point they still do not know what is the virus even though he has already been warded 1 month..
- discharged from TTSH on 25 dec.. he was much better.. was given steroids to take.. he was never warded in intensive care but alot of medical scans ( e.g. MRI, CT, X-rays, blood tests were done )
- when he was discharged.. he was really very very well ... it was like he was cured.. we went out with him , etc however

17/01/2008 - he vomit 2 times
18/01/2008 night.. he vomit more than 6 times. and collapsed. sent by ambulance to tan tock seng hosp. at the hosp. he was very confused and violent.. was tied to hospital bed.. he keep calling for his mother..
19/01/2008 - sedated and put on forced ventilator support after he had very very difficult and laborous breathing.. when we visited him he keep flexing his lower arm muscle... and clenching his fist... and was like.. wanting to vomit... his eyes were closed becos sedated.. as of 19/01 when we visited he was stable..
20/01/2008 early morning - condition deteroriated further..

Until now.. the doctor say dunno what is the viral agent causing this?! and they dont even know if its a viral infection .. haix..

hes a very very very very nice and cute guy , and in badminton team.. very passionate about badminton.. and he has a bright future ahead.. hes in JC2 now... and i really very upset.. havent been able to eat and been crying alot the past few days..

im not saying the name yet.. because havent asked permission to publicise this.. but im very desperate.. im very close to him..

my appeal is for
- doctors .. anyone who has experience in encephalitis?
- prayer ( he recently became christian.. his mom and dad are christians )

please help... hes a very nice guy and i dont know why this happenned to him.. we're very close and i'll be torn if anything happens..

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Postby Plavt » Mon, 21 Jan 2008 5:08 pm

My sympathies but I don't think it is appropriate to ask for advice on a free forum this is best left to professionals.

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Postby ksl » Mon, 21 Jan 2008 6:22 pm

Sad, this happend to my Army squadron leaders wife, out here in Singapore, she caught the virus, and it effected her mental state of mind,
encephalitis, is very very rare, so we can only hope his own body can fight it.

They do not give antbiotics, for virus infections, because they do not help!

We can only hope for, whatever he's got, is not life threatening. Doctors unfortunately can only make suggestions... It's a most horrible feeling to have vertigo, very scary, because you have to force yourself to live through it, its a very unpleasant situation and only people that have suffered it can have any idea, what it is like.

I believe he is in good hands, you can only hope, that he pulls through, like everyone else!

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Postby boii18 » Mon, 21 Jan 2008 10:20 pm

3pm :

he is now brain dead... Im very very upset... There were some things i never said to him.... My dad knows singapore's top neurologist.. she will hopefully assess his condition.. I read up abit and it seems that it is possible it could be encephalitis affecting the brain stem thus mimicking it to be a brain dead picture/scan results.. it fools most or all brain death tests.
they are pulling the plug within 24 hours.. hope that somehow something happens.. but.. no promises.. one thing though, he was really happy before he collapsed..

He was discharged on the 25th december 2007. and he went into ICU on the 18th of january 2008. He really enjoyed himself between this time.. I spent alot of time with him as his bro and introduced him to someone..who then he had a relationship with. He had the most fufilling relationship he could have asked for.. His maganimous heart had been breaked so many times before.. and I am glad that his last relationship was very very very successful. At least he was happy before he went under.

Even with him being my godbrother only ( instead of boyfriend ) could tell that he was very caring already... He must have treated his fiancee much better. I'm grieving much better since i know his dear very well ( in fact, I introduced him because I felt was a good person )

I hope that the press do not investigate this matter and let him rest peacefully. Whilst its in my opinion that the doctors were not good enough, I have no hard feelings against them because there was no clear evidence of medical negligence. Probably it was just the virulence and the unknown nature of the virus. I'll always remember my godbro forever. Those who know him, please do a favour and keep his name secret. Thanks.

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Postby Wind In My Hair » Mon, 21 Jan 2008 10:40 pm

boii, I know it's hard, and I'm sorry.

Everything happens for a reason. I hope you find peace in believing this.

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