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Importance of keeping yourself healthy nowadays

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Importance of keeping yourself healthy nowadays

Post by nalong » Sun, 20 Jan 2008 10:59 pm

Hi there,my aunt just pass away from 4th stage breast cancer 2 days ago.
I am really sadden by this event as she is kind of the closer aunt I have in my father side of the family.

What I know from this aunt is that she has a great family where her eldest son(aka my cousin) has took over as the breadwinner and thus there should not be any problems as she no longer does not need t work already.

How she took care of her health, I dont know but most probably it was like her top priority as she no longer have to worry about wealth.

Well seeing her pass away was a wake up call for me.
I am still schooling currently and I am the eldest around, thus meaning my parents are still providing for me, though I do some part time tuition and stuff.

What was alarming was that both my parents are actually older than my seemingly more healthy aunt and have more worries than my aunt would have.
So it will not be surprising that they can just contact some illness the next day.
This was really an enlightment on my part.

It further convinced me on what I thought was important, the importance of health as I really cant imagine my parents just gone like that or in fact me gone like that and not able to repay my parents.
My parents are way over 55 already and reaching retirement, yet they cant retire because they still have to support my university fees. All this thoughts just came to me naturally as I witness my aunt's passing on.

This is just sharing on my part to you guys out there who might still be taking your health or your loved ones health for granted.

Sometimes prevention is really better than cure, please do not wait till your loved ones or you contacted certain dieseases before regreting them.


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Post by Eze » Mon, 21 Jan 2008 1:28 am

deepest sympathies... thanks for sharing.....

anyway, living healthy consists of many factors...

stress levels, exercises, diets or (if affordable) health supplements.

My eldest uncle also passed away a few years back... triggering depression in my mom....

tryin hard to keep it under control by medications.

since then, she started to switch to healthy diets & my dad also purchase some health supplements which he believes is very effective from an mlm company, think its usana. Mainly because his asthma condition starts to improve after taking some of the supplements.

anyway, my point is -> its like spending additional 100+/ month to buy your health... although those supplements cant guarantee it will cure or totally prevent illnesses, it MIGHT significantly reduce the risks.

Im taking like 4-5 supplments daily. lolz. My sister complains that she feels she is like a patient, having to swallow so many pills everyday.

& pls dont pm me!!! im not promoting. jus sharing my current situation. =p

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Post by ShirleySU » Tue, 22 Jan 2008 12:59 pm

Yap Eze & nalong, totally agree with you. We should take care of our bodies cos it's the only place where we live.

Sometimes things are not within our control. Last time, chicken used to be disease free until bird flu came along & then pple start to say that eating too much of this & that will cause some kind of illness. Food are getting dangerous. Scary....

Perhaps the best thing is to have a balanced healthy diet, where we eat food in moderation, food from organic sources & wholesome food, food that have not been processed. Will health supplements help? Mayb it's better to take than not to take. It'll give us a peace of mind or perhaps, it's a placebo effect on our body...

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Post by dimensionspectrum » Sun, 27 Jan 2008 1:44 am

I totally agree....many people dont want to spend money in this area bcos they cant see the immediate benefits. Many people wants instant gratification. Like taking a bottle of supplements and expect to see instant results? LOL

I have also seen alot of people's health improved by taking supplements, including myself.

I also allocated a portion of salary to supplements...

Many people dont seem to know that there are no symptoms when the inside of your body goes wrong.
How many of you heard of people 'suddenly' contracting cancer in Stage 4 and passing away aft a couple of months?
My dad is one gd example.
He looks fine, feels fine all the while and suddenly, 1 day he fainted in public..went to the hospital for checkup, and doctor CANT find anything wrong with him and aft having stayed in the hopital for 2 weeks that they found out he's down with Liver cancer in the 4th stage. Doctor predicted another 6months-1yr for him, but guess wad? He passed away after 2 weeks.

Wad about those who died in their sleep? And the recent case about the TCS actor?

Free radicals attack is true in our body no matter we acknowledge it or not, (just like law of gravity applies no matter we like it or not although we cant see it)...Prevention is STILL better than cure.

Oh just another 2 cents worth of advice, many supplements in the market are synthetic vitamins, find real, natural ones.. Synthetic vitamins can give problems to the body..I read and learnt alot from one of the book i borrowed in the's called: The Truth about Vitamins...

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