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Starhub IDD 008 service - Watch out when you leave Singapore

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Starhub IDD 008 service - Watch out when you leave Singapore

Postby wildfirejc » Sat, 19 Jan 2008 7:01 pm

I have just had a shock from Starhub. I left Singapore for the UK in 2003. When I left, I terminated my house phone with Singtel but forgot that the phone number was attached to Starhub IDD 008 service I must have signed up for.
Anyway, my dad faxed me a bill from Starhub stating that in 2008, I had made 3 international calls to India and USA.
I contacted Starhub and they said under the T & C, I have to tell them that I have terminated my tel phone line with Singtel and to terminate the Starhub IDD 008 servcie as well. Since I didn't do that, anyone using the same tel number (which I presume Singtel has since assigned to someone else) can use the Starhub IDD 008 service and I have to pay for it.
Luckily it was only $4! Imagine if it was $4000!
So be careful all you out there who are using Starhub's 008 IDD service - terminate it if you leave SIngapore. They don't care if you no longer hold the telephone line with Singtel. It's a seperate service as far as they are concerned.

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