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no glass in kitchen window?!

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no glass in kitchen window?!

Post by bub » Tue, 15 Jan 2008 7:44 pm


I've recently moved to Singapore with my husband, we've found a great apartment, except one thing that is bothering us- there's no glass in the kitchen window (the window in the service area).
We saw this in a lot of the apartments we looked at, and our agent said that it's normal. We saw 2 other apartments in our condo, and its the same (its a new condo so I guess this is how they built it). Is it really normal? and why?
It's bothering us more than we thought it would, especially because of the noise coming in.
And does anybody know if we could install the glass ourselves? how much should it cost?

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Post by ScoobyDoes » Tue, 15 Jan 2008 9:00 pm

If you are in the same condo as me, then yes this was the way it was built so i assume it was done elsewhere as well.

I asked the landlord to put a window in when we negotiated the tenancy and it was put in shortly after we moved in. You can try the same with your landlord...... note if you put one in, your landlord might ask for it to be removed when you leave.

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