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Saving potential in Sg vs UK

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Saving potential in Sg vs UK

Postby questforavalon » Tue, 07 Sep 2004 6:18 pm

I am an Soft.Professional who has had 5 yrs working exp in US and India. I am currently employed in one of the most reputed IT orgainisations in India. I am single. I am trying to decide between trying to move to Singapore or UK. My aim is to pursue a top MBA program in 2006.

Based on the aboue facts and general trends in UK and Singapore which one do you think offers me better deal in terms of

1) Better career oppurtunities
2) Saving potential
3) Better carrer profile.

Thx in advance

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Postby jon » Sun, 19 Sep 2004 7:28 pm

I am a Software Developer from UK working in SG:

1) Either - depends where you want to go!
2) SG wages are lower but cost of living is lower. UK probably wins this one as the wages are almost double SG ones for software development.
3) Again - depends who you work for!

You will probably find it easier to get a job in SG - there seems to be a lack of real talent. We are struggling hard to recruit decent developers (OO in Java, agile methods, Mobile Telecoms) in the SG office (it took 200 applications to find one recruit!). Now I don't know whether thats a reflection of the market in general for software in sg.

If I had to choose between SG and UK in terms of career, salary and profile I would probably say UK. SG would be a good place to go after a few years solid experience in UK.

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